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Ray uploaded Photographs to new Project Cloud

Focused on wiring check today

Replaced five JBs and removed numerous live cables going no where especially in the engine radio beacon and battery rooms.

Run a new socket supply cable between the winch room and stair well to the Crews Quarters it’s still to be connected.

It’s worth keeping an eye open for any poorly terminated or live unterminated cables especially if you are working around any of the cable trays cable trunks and any light fittings.

Got the light in the loo replaced and working, the supply cable had chafed through on the cable tray.

Ran in a new supply and double socket from the consumer unit solely for a hot  water heater at the galley sink.

Picked up the remaining gear for installing the water supply line, we still have to flush the two IBCs before we fill them with water.

Robert dropped past with some finishing touches for the meeting room. He will pick up the first box of documentation from Dundee City Archives tomorrow and arrange for them to be scanned.Sanded down and recoated the timber in the Officer’s Pantry

Made a temporary repair to the floor covering for above.

Relocated the curtain to the Officers Accom

Split out the lighting circuit distribution at the Consumer Unit

Carried out seabed depth survey around the vessel

Carried out an inspection of FW Tank Space Bulkheads, pumped out standing water and enlarged the midships bilge wellReceived the free tubingCarried out checks on loo light, disconnected and made safe

Repaired cement mixer loose wheel

Made and fitted an outlet connection for the Upper Deck IBC, scoped out water supply run to galley sink and Engine Room. (Sam to advise Derek L of additional costs).

Completed the last of the ER bilge management.

Volunteer happy turning old and dirty to clean an shining Switchboard renovation continues

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What's Happening

In light of this recent announcement by the PM, the decision has been taken to stop all regular meetings and work days for the NC100 Team with immediate effect.

We will set up a twice weekly inspection rota for one person to attend the vessel to check it over for moorings, spaces for water ingress, security and power supplies and hope we can get back to work safely soon.