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"The Taymara charity, owner of the North Carr lightship, is acutely aware

that the condition of the vessel is causing a justifiable level of concern

amongst members of the public. The hull and superstructure has significant

corrosion and there are some disquieting incidents of water ingress to the


During the course of this century Taymara has spent in excess of an

estimated £70,000 in conservation measures, including £52,600 on metal

treatment  and paintwork in 2004/05. In 2013 an oil major offered to provide

£1 million in cash and kind towards a comprehensive restoration.

Unfortunately this didn't come to pass due to a number of factors including

the failure of the dock gate, which meant that the lightship could not be

towed to a suitable ship repair yard.

Over the past year, however, the situation has become critical. There has

been a number of leaks in the hull below the waterline and thousands of

volunteer hours have been spent in pumping out, drying out and installing

temporary fixes. These primarily consist of applying cement to areas of the

hull where either a leak has appeared or is likely to appear. This

programme, under the supervision of expert project leaders, has achieved

considerable success. Both Dundee City Council and the City Centre and

Harbour Community Council are kept fully aware of developments.

Taymara is now planning to implement its NC 100 Project. Subject to funding,

the ship will be lifted up on to dry land, thus permitting a full hull

survey. This will be the precursor to a comprehensive refit programme which

will see her fully restored inside and out. The intention is that she will

finally be placed in the Eastern Graving Dock with HMS Unicorn to form the

core of a maritime presentation portraying two very different periods and

methods of ship construction and use. Taymara will also liaise closely with

RRS Discovery in a bid to promote synergy and mutual benefits. However,

North Carr will not just be a museum, she will function as the Headquarters

of the charity with a valuable training and accommodation role which will be

made available to similar organisations and to the wider public."